Posted on: October 22, 2008 8:41 am

Rich Rod= Adolf Hitler Really...Lou Holtz?

Now as a West Virginia Mountaineer fan i have harboured some ill-will towards that coach up in Ann Arbor. I have also taken some gratification to see him get beat by the likes of Toledo and Notre Dame. However in now shape or form do I despise someone enough to compare them to a mass murderer of thousands.

If you have been living under a sports-excluding rock for the past week, the Sylvester the cat-like  "Suckerin' Succatash" Lou Holtz inadvertantly compared Rich Rodriguez to Adolf Hitler. Rich Rod is a bunch of things: a liar, greedy, and a big baby. But by now stretch of the imagination should he be compared to Hitler.

But also I think Holtz's comments were blown out of proportion since well it is Rich Rod and UM and that Holtz's has about as many speaking errors as our President. I mean Rich Rod was called Hitler, but he could've been compared to worse. Let's say Lou Holtz?

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Posted on: June 16, 2008 8:25 pm

The WVU day of "What If?"

What If?....two simple words that describe a moment of thought as to what might have happened if different circumstances would have taken place.

I am talking about Joe Alexander. Any WVU fan or any fan of college basketball has certainly seen his stock rise quicker than most college players will ever see in their whole career. He went from unknown to stud in one season under Coach Huggins. Now the question, "What if he has stayed for his senior season?"

There are two significant scenarios that I can play out in my head. Firstly, if Alexander has stayed. Would Huggins still vastly improve his game. He could have been an All-American/Naismath winner/Final Four participant. Alexander could have went down in WVU history as one of the greatest basketball player ever.(Behind Jerry West and possibly a few others) His potential was unlimited and was as untouched as the oil off the shores of North Carolina. If Huggins could have tapped into them then who knows what would have happened.

Now the other scenario...Listen and feel the agony as the second scenario takes place. Mazzulla with the steal. He passes the ball to Alexander who has a fastbreak dunk ahead of him. He jumps and he throws it in. He lands akwardly and is down on the floor in pain. Alexander leaves the game with a torn ACL and is out for the season. His stock falls off the radar as his once boundless potential and athleticism is taken away from a freak accident.

The chances were too high for him to come back. He will be selected between 7th and 15th. Millions of dollars are there for the taking which will let him live a relatively easy life. But still what if?

Posted on: May 30, 2008 4:49 pm

Danica would wallop those get over it

There has been a blatant display of sexism by some media personel this past week. And the thing is it is over a racecar driver getting out of there car and walking down pit lane to yell at a driver who effectively took them out of the race because they weren't being smart about the situation. The kicker: that person walking down the street was a woman.

OMG STHU!!!! Well that wouldn't have been the banter she would've used, but I digress. If she was Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, or any peeved male racecar driver they would receive numerous accolades over their fight alla Harvick vs. Montoya....but because she is a woman(who would probably woop their asses) she is scorned and put down.

I got two words for those who say that.



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Posted on: May 1, 2008 6:22 pm

I'll admit it I had sex with Roger Clemens too!!

Move over Mindy McCready and John Daly's ex-wife I am jumping aboard the bump train too. That is right: I had an affair with Roger Clemens. Being a Red Sox fan I was always fascinated with the husky hurler. I watched him when he was a Yankee hurler. It pains me now O so much. He is now as appeasing as his shruken yoohoos...which he undoubtably has....believe me....

but to get to the serious points....why do these affairs matter?....these Roger Clemens stories should circle around his *cough* cough* alleged steroid use...I don't care if he had an affair....does it make me feel any differently about this guy...NO...he is already a liar and a farud and says he is righteous while all others are not....

well I am finally going to turn my back on Clemens....well for the last time since my affair with him...


~OneNonly...Important Affair with Clemens~

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Posted on: April 30, 2008 5:06 pm

The ongoing saga of the WVU-Rich Rod debacle

Who is to blame for this relentless awful story to continue to be on the front pages? The media. Thats right: the childish media who loves to pit two groups against each other. This blood bath has now had WVU fans and UM fans verbally killing each other. I can't say two words without being called a backhills inbreed hillbilly. Also I can't stand watching my fellow mountaineer stoop so low to insult a program that hasn't hurt us directly in our history.

With that said...STOP IT!!!! Everyone please go to your corners. Why must we dabble in areas which we are so unfamiliar. The media and these omnipotent fans must quit having their "opinions" on a matter we don't understand. Unless you are a lawyer and understand the inner workings of this lawsuit just shut your trap.

~OneNonly....Super Stud~

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